MAPED is serious

  • A patented brand in 130 countries, 
  • A catalogue of more than 3500 references (approx 60 new products each year) 
  • 100% of product design produit is carried out in-house 
  • + de 250 drawings and models used in 2020 
  • 50 active patents 
  • 60% of our products manufactured in our 4 sites ensuring sustainability and eco-friendly production 




Safety first

In-house quality laboratory

In our in-house quality laboratory, we carry out 1,390 rigorous test protocols per year! A total of 35 people are involved in quality throughout the group, and one in standards and regulations. 


Unique test machines

Unique test machines designed by Maped and built for Maped.


The operative word : Rigour !

Another difference at MAPED is that we also carry out more than 177 annual tests with independent laboratories to check the chemical, physical, and mechanical compliance of our products with European regulations (for example: EN71, REACH).



Innovative products and plenty of heads to imagine them  

The philosophy of our innovative products is inventing ever more ingenious and sustainable products to adapt to changing usages and empower children to change the world. 

Co-creation is child’s playAt MAPED, product managers, designers, analysts, and engineers are involved alongside children, parents, and teachers to nurture new ideas. Lots of children come to MAPED every year to help us design, test, and improve our products. And even when they are not with us, we carefully consider their expectations all over the world. For example : new range Picnik, from boxes to bags, children tested and adjusted with us. They even chose the shape and locking system for the new lunch boxes. 

Invent with teachers, students, & consumersBecause there is no better school than being in the field, we test all our colouring products in classrooms and we work with school teachers to develop writing products that are as close as possible to their expectations. For example : the compass Kid’z 360°. The Kid’z 360° compass was born after two years of research and development and designed based on a biomechanical study carried out with the Motion Sciences Institute Etienne Jules Marey. 


Classy inventions

Sensoft left-handed

Inverted blades and soft rings for left hands


Twist’n flex

Flexible and unbreakable 


Twin Tip 4

Double point to use 2 colours simultaneously 


Blowpen art 

Transforms your felt-tip pens into spray 


And many more…