Lift our heads and meet the challengeTo facilitate access to education, contribute to the quality of learning, and bring out the potential of every child, we are mobilised and determined. Some of our small revolutions: 

Manufacture of hand prostheses for children with agenesis 
Since 2017, we have been working on this project with the association E-nable France and private 3D printer owners. Thibaud, Théo, Nina, and Célia were the first to see their lives changed! 


A special left-handed range

There are 250 million left-handed children in the world. So for them, we created a reverse blade on pencil sharpeners and scissors, and a reverse graduation direction on rulers, squares, and protractors.


Education for all a first-class objective  

In Morocco

Hundreds of school supplies were distributed to disadvantaged children. 


In Mexico

“El Major estudiante MAPED” supports education and culture in the country. 


In Argentina

« Manon Amiga » gives more than 1,000 children living in extreme poverty the opportunity to access education. 


In Asia

The Maped Academies Network sends equipment to schools, including Nong Khiaw English School in Laos.

In 2019, Maped was labelled a “caring company” for its donations to schools and its actions in the poorest areas in China. 


Another great project for 2021

1% of our sales of products with the label is dedicated to funding as many initiatives as possible in favour of educational access and support.




Our ethical commitments

We may be big kids, but at MAPED we make health, safety, quality, and good working conditions a priority. 


For social protection

We apply our code of conduct with the utmost care and comply with every recommendation in international standards. 


For parity

The MAPED group is comprised of 62% women.


For more engagement

We have created a division entirely dedicated to CSR. 

Our ambition does not stop thereWe are also committed to improving working conditions in the supply chain. How? Our factories are BSCI-certified, as are over 90% of our suppliers. The BSCI approach, in a nutshell: 


  • Protection : health and safety at work, decent working hours 
  • Ethical : non-discrimination, fair remuneration, social protection, ethical business behaviour 
  • Transparency : freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. 
  • Care : no forced labour, no precarious employment, no use of child labour 
  • Commitment : to environmental protection.